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Jade Property Suite 4.0

Jade Property Suite 4.0: A complete real estate software solution. Jade Property Suite is a full-featured Windows application for storing and managing your real estate listings and publishing them on and off the web. Key features: Store all of your property and contact details in one place; Generate web pages for each listing; Update your website as often as you like; Produce and design brochures and flyers; Match customers to properties AND vice-versa; Respond to enquiries with customized brochures.

Standard Transport Icons 2013.3: A large collection of transport icons drawn in four different angles
Standard Transport Icons 2013.3

Create online and printed matters of transport infrastructure. Standard Transport Icons are drawn in four angles, come in a variety of sizes and resolutions, and are available as 3D vector models for clear high-resolution printing. Standard Transport Icons are perfect to illustrate Web sites, brochures and presentations of any transport, logistics or shipping company, and can be used to lay out maps of transport infrastructure.

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Music Notation For MS Word 2.220: Create feature-rich Microsoft Word documents with music notation
Music Notation For MS Word 2.220

Music Notation for MS Word makes it easy to enhance Microsoft Word documents with music notation. The product combines the power of MagicScore Maestro 6, one of the most powerful music notation editors, with world`s most popular text processor, allowing to produce music literature, articles, brochures or tutorials complete with music notation, and sending Word documents with sheet music to anyone, even if they don`t have Music Notation installed.

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iWinSoft Page Layout Designer for Mac 2.2.1: The ideal desktop publishing program for Mac OS X
iWinSoft Page Layout Designer for Mac 2.2.1

iWinSoft Page Layout Designer is the ideal desktop publishing program for business, and small- and home-office professionals who want to Design and print high-quality publications like newsletters, flyers, postcards, brochures, labels, business cards, ID cards, greeting cards, invitations, envelopes, facsimile, letterheads, memos, etc. with great ease.

business cards, newsletters, invitations, mac os x, page layout designer, letterheads, facsimile, desktop publishing, labels, id cards, flyers, postcards, memos

Insofta 3D Text Commander Design banners and buttons with 3D text complete with shadows and reflections
Insofta 3D Text Commander

Empower your Web site or software with realistic 3D text. Generate impressive banners or navigation buttons with ray-traced 3D text complete with shadows and reflections. Design flyers and brochures with innovative style with high-resolution 3D text. Insofta 3D Text Commander easily does all that, and more! No complex settings and no learning curve are involved thanks to the visual controls working in real-time.

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AMC Presentation Wizard 5.0a.2: Transform pictures, sounds, animations and ideas into interactive presentations.
AMC Presentation Wizard 5.0a.2

AMC Presentation Wizard builds self-displaying, interactive slide shows, photo albums, brochures, clickable advertisements, distributable portfolios and other multimedia applications that display on Windows systems without additional software. Use your choice of pictures, sounds, animations, graphic elements and clickable web page links. Download an evaluation copy and try it out. Transform your ideas into professional presentations.

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SmartsysSoft Business Publisher 2.30: Design and print labels, flyers, brochures, newsletters, postcards, invitations.
SmartsysSoft Business Publisher 2.30

SmartsysSoft Business Publisher helps you design address labels, flyers, brochures, business cards, advertisement, newsletters, name badges, letterheads, postcards, invitation cards and envelopes. It is a powerful vector graphics editor program. You can get professional-looking publications when designs are translated to printing. Business Publisher also provides a lot of design templates and supports to print on any Windows compatible printers.

advertisement, flyer, publishing software, brochure designer, name badge, catalog, label maker, envelope printing, invitation card, letterhead, postcard, newsletter creator, publisher

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